White box penetration testing provides s full attempt to exploit your network from within the perimeter. While some regard this as not being a real-world test, its only a matter of time before a perimeter is breached by a determined hacker and so white box penetration testing assumes this has been accomplished.

A White Box Penetration test is tailored to a companies needs based on the current level of security, awareness, strategy and budget.

In some cases its more beneficial to begin with user credentials already provided.

This allows a test not only from the ‘rogue user’ perspective but also allows more time for the in-depth testing, assuming that user credentials would be obtained by a determined hacker.

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Key Points

  • Inside Perimiter

    Attempts to exploit the network are done from inside the perimeter of the network (inside the firewall), following the premise of ‘assume compromise’.

  • Less Time Intensive

    As the perimeter is already assumed breached, more time is available to spend examining weaknesses internally, reducing time and cost.

  • Multi-Faceted

    White box penetration testing can still involve aspects of social engineering, black bag testing, etc. and typically exposes vulnerabilities in more systems.