Website security is one of the most neglected attack vectors companies own, this despite all websites being targeted for general attacks as well as them providing a significant foothold for a more targeted persistent attack.

One of the biggest data leaks of all time (by volume) remains the Panama Papers leak which all began with a simple out of date website plugin and escalated because of a secondary website that was also out of date.

Seguro have over 20 years experience in web development and can provide expert advice on a realistic strategy to keep your website safe at an affordable price-point.

Our website security management solutions are a very cost-effective way of ensuring your website software is kept up to date with detailed checks of the integrity of your sites code and to look for suspicious additional scripts.

For higher risk websites, we can provide additional security and lock down to a granular level, including by geographical region.

Website Security

  • Code & File Reviews

    Reviewing your website files and scripts for changes can flag issues within your code if the site has been stealthily compromised.

  • Backups & Checks

    While not strictly a security measure, regular complete backups can provide a fast recovery in the event of a breach while minimising downtime.  Solid backups also ensure critcal security updates can be applied quickly with reduced risk to website functionality.

  • Functionality Checks

    After any given security update is applied to hosting, the website framework or any plugins, a functionality check of the website is conducted to ensure key functionality still works (e.g. browsing, contact forms, search features, etc.)

  • Vulnerability Scanning

    Regular vulnerability scanning tests your website framework and plugins for known vulnerabilities, finding weaknesses and allowing you to patch them before hackers can take advantage of them.