The government backed Cyber Essentials certification is an excellent first step in improving your organisations security, reducing risk and gaining a certification to prove it.

Many public sector organisations now require Cyber Essentials as a minimum as part of their third party supplier policy, so if you intend to work with these organisations, Cyber Essentials can make you easier to work with than your competitors.

While the certification process is relatively low-cost, without preparation and changes to internal policies and processes, it can be very easy to fail as the vast majority of items in the standard are Pass/Fail and it only takes one non-conformity to fail the audit.

While Seguro cannot guarantee a pass – be very wary of any company that says they can – we can guarantee providing a clear gap analysis and roadmap highlighting the steps needed to pass.  Seguro will not try and sell you products/services when free solutions or policy can provide the protection needed.

How does it work?

Typically the process starts with a gap analysis of your organisation against the Cyber Essentials standard to identify any changes or remediation that needs to be implemented prior to audit.

The required work varies from organisation to organisation but typically this will involved updating software systems, creating policies and reviewing/tweaking users’ levels of access.

Seguro provide a report and set of recommendations that can then be taken to your existing MSP or IT provider, done in house or Seguro can recommend a partner.

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Certification Roadmap

  • Determine Scope

    Outline whether your entire organisation or simply a portion of it should be considered within the scope of the certification

  • Gap Analysis

    A review of your organisations systems, policies and procedures, identifying gaps in your compliance with the Cyber Essentials standard.

  • Report & Recommendations

    Seguro can use the gap analysis to provide a detailed report and set of recommendations to address the gaps and align your organisation with the Cyber Essentials standard.

  • Mitigations

    Mitigations are carried out as per the recommendations.  Seguro can assist in policy and procedure writing and implementation.  We recommend that changes to your IT systems are carried out by your provider or we can recommend one.

  • Cyber Essentials Audit

    The finaly stage of the process is the Cyber Essentials audit.  Seguro can provide a full preparatory information pack for the audit to be done by a member of your organisation or we can complete the audit on your behalf.