Security Awareness Training

Tailored cyber security awareness training designed to be entertaining, effective and thorough. Drawing on our real-world experience of security, we provide engaging yet detailed training – this is not box ticking exercise!

Phishing Campaigns & Training

Users pose one of the biggest threats to security perimiters and  phishing campaigns are one of the most common types of attack.  Securo can perform a benign attacks to measure your staff awareness and provide instant online training.

Website Security

Website hardening, backups and security reviews ensure your website hasn’t been compromised, turning it from a marketing tool for you to a foothold for hackers.

Vulnerability Scanning

A vulnerability scan and initial intelligence gathering session provides an review of a network, similar to the reconnaissance performed by hackers. A report of all systems and any risks will then be provided for remediation.

White Box Penetration Testing

A white box penetration test assumes that the perimeter has been breached and provides an attempt hacking the network from the inside.

Black Box Penetration Testing

Black box penetration testing is the most onerous method of testing security, often being performed over a number of weeks and as such, tends to be the most costly.