Seguro provide practical real-world security consulting and services to businesses that are worried about their data, concerned by the risks of non-compliance or frustrated by the myriad security scares being sensationalised by the media.

We are firm believers in using modern techniques but we adhere to professional courtesy andin providing honest, practical and fit-for-purpose solutions.  If all you need is a pin, we won’t sell you a hammer and nails.

Why Seguro?

Our founder loves all things Spanish and so when looking for a unique name with security connotations, Seguro seemed the obvious choice.  In Spanish it can mean many things based on context but among them are: sure, certain, firm, accurate, trustworthy, reliable, prudent, courage.

Who are Seguro?

The identities of our staff aren’t published online for obvious reasons but can be provided after initial communications have been made.

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Cyber Security Defence (20 Years)
Cyber Security Training (5 Years)
Cyber Security Consulting (10 Years)
Cyber Security Technical Services (15 Years)


Cyber security is fast becoming a trend as big breaches hit the headlines.  Unfortunately these big company breaches don’t mean that criminals have forgotten about SMBs (Small / Medium sized Businesses) – far from it.  Cyber criminals now operate in organised, profitable and structured ways, often from countries where the exchange rate compounds the ill-gotten gains they make by exploting smaller businesses in places like the UK.

Seguro help businesses of all sizes and budgets get more secure, safeguarding their data and their company’s future.

David Vincent
Seguro Founder